Monday, November 3, 2008


Does it seem like virtually all discussion that takes place in this country is done through the prism of how we label one another?

"you're a big goverment liberal jerk"

"you're a right wing neo con evangelical pig"

...and so forth.

It's really interesting to discuss ideas without labels. Since I actually started reading and thinking (since I turned my TV off 8 months ago) I've lost interest in easy labels.

Why are we taught to use labels? How is this useful? Have they become a substitute to real discourse and discussion of logic behind beliefs? I believe they have.

I have identified myself with a certain party that is supposed to be about fiscal responsibility and limited government for my entire adult life. It was convenient to adopt labels and to cast labels on others. However, I may have been lulled into a false sense of confidence in what I stood for because I left the thinking to those who defined what the label 'conservative' or 'republican' meant. It's become apparent that the labels no longer fit.

I hope that the Revolution Tavern is a place where people will drop preconceived notions and labels and will engage in a discussion of what's best for our country.


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